Optimize Your Website And Get More Visitors

You are thinking about getting more sales of a service or product and having an online presence will help you reach out to customers. This is great because with search engine optimization, you can stay on top of your competition while maintaining budget control!

I love to educate my clients on each steps of the services they enroll, Because it is very important for a business owner to understand the process in that way they will find out how this service going help them reach better ROI. And there’s also an added benefit- when you know what works best and doesn't work at all with your company's needs then saving time becomes easy!

In this article, I will provide you with the key principles to know before purchasing SEO services for your business. Later on in a free virtual meeting that we can schedule together if necessary so feel confident asking all those questions!

What a user does when looking to purchase a product/service?

  • In most cases, they look for information’s on this product through google search.
  • Secondly The product is targeted through the social media ad campaigns by using location, interest etc.

So we understand that there are 2 ways we can reach more customers, one is by reaching to customers with a product or service for example running ad campaigns which is way more costly and a continuous process. Why it is more costly? You might have this question right? Just understand this we are going to our customers and approaching them with our product and services but if we could have customers to visit our stores that would have been more effective and budget friendly, right?

And this is when SEO comes, With the help of SEO, You can rank on keywords that are focused on your service or product. As an example, a person is looking to purchase a Kitchen Accessory. And he/she searches ‘’Best Electric Can Opener’’ and finds your website ranked among the top 3 results of google for that term. And visits your site. What do you think? How possible that he/she is going to purchase the product from your website? The purchase ratio is very high if you are selling the product at a good rate. Now coming to the statistic, the exampled keyword has 5K monthly traffic. If your site ranks at top 3 results for this keywords on average you’ll receive 1500-2000 monthly traffics. The average conversion rate is 7%-4% which means you’ll receive 80-105 purchases from this singe keywords. Just think what happens when your site ranks on 10-20 keywords?

Are you confident about the process

If you compare other marketing campaigns with SEO, What are the major differences?


Other Marketing

When you begin to rank on targeted keywords, traffic will start coming your way. You won't need any management or investments; all that's required is a few tweaks here and there--but hiring an SEO expert can be more budget-friendly than running ad campaigns!

Cost and ongoing process that means when you stop spending on ad campaigns you’ll stop receiving sells.

SEO can bring your website to the top for a competitive edge in today's search engine results page. SEO takes time but it is worth investing because over 30% of Google pages rank within the first month! SEO will help new websites generate more traffic and revenue as they see better ROI than short-term investments such as TV commercials or print ads which have less impact on consumer behavior. You should employ this strategy when you want long run business success.

One of the most effective ways to improve your sales is through advertisement. You can use it in order get instant results and boost business at any time!

Most business owners want to save investment, target more audiences and stay on top of their competitors. That's why SEO implementation is very important because you can rank for multiple keywords with calculating the return on your investment as well as learning about new opportunities in the market from research done through this process!

The process of paid marketing has limitations in terms investment because more money you put into your campaign and the higher chance there is that people will buy from what they see.

The reason why I have explained about SEO on the above section, I want you to find the value of SEO by understanding how it can help your business. Most businesses are unclear on what they should be doing, and many don't realize that investing in search engine optimization (SEO) could lead them back for more money with little effort or time commitment needed from their staff!

Now let me explain the process:

Below I am going to describe the processes and steps we will use to implement SEO strategy for your website. The listed process is just the basement that you should know while doing an SEO campaign.

First of first

I will audit your website, find out existing errors and research on the market to look for opportunity. I'll also help you fill the gap of competitors with my expertise!

Second Phrase

In order to rank on the first page of Google, it is imperative that we research keywords extensively and use these as our key in ranking. We will spend more time doing keyword research than any other step because these keywords will be used for ranking your website high up in search engine results pages (SERPs). We’ll also look for lower competition terms that have higher potentials of being successful so you can rank better than other websites do!

Third Phrase

Fixing your site's existing SEO Errors for example page speed, website formation, Existing content errors, setting up google analytics, etc.

Fourth Phrase

Having the best content written by my in house content writers, reviewing the contents uploading them to the website with proper on page optimization.

What are the benefits you'll receive if you hire me?

I specialize in web design as well as SEO work. I have been doing it for years so I know what works best when it comes to search engine optimization. I will provide weekly report that will help you track the progress. I have 7+ experience and able to provide 24/7 customer support.

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