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Reputation Management: Complete Details

By Rifat Hasan

April 20, 2021

What is the definition of online reputation management?

Your online reputation is how others see you when they look for you online. Get your free consultation

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Google yourself. What do you see?

Are you represented fairly?

Everyone has an online reputation. The only question is do you have a say in yours?

Taking control of the online discussions is what online reputation management (ORM) entails. When people search for you on the Internet, it uses methods and tactics to ensure that they find the right materials.

The goal of online reputation management is to strike a balance, combat misleading patterns, and enable you to present yourself in the best light possible.

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Why should you be concerned about your online reputation?

Online reputation is becoming so commonplace, it’s almost time to drop the word “online”

Our first port of call for anything is the Internet.

Not only do people view the Internet as their first source of information, but they also trust what it tells them. More importantly, they make decisions based on what they find online.

  • Two out of three people see the Internet as the most reliable source of information about a person or a business (Edelman Insights)
  • 70% of hiring managers have rejected a candidate because of something they found online (Cross-Tab)
  • When looking for a local business, 97% of people read online reviews (BIA Kelsey)
  • Over 80% of reputation damage comes from a mismatch between the buzz and the reality (Digimind)

Looking at statistics like these, it’s clear that what happens online affects your entire life.

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Rifat Hasan

About the author

I am a website designer and marketing specialist with over 10 years of experience. My favorite part about my work is the creative process, specifically designing something that will convert for my clients so they can stay on top in their industry. I'm always learning new skills to add more value to what I do best: making things look great!

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