April 19


Instagram Mastering

By Rifat Hasan

April 19, 2021

Mastering Instagram

Lets start by ‘’why Instagram is important for a brand’’

Using Instagram as a marketing tool gives you the opportunity to show your audience that your brand has personality, and it makes it simple for customers to order, book, and pay with your business. On Instagram, you can use competitions, vibrant photos, social videos, and shoutouts to spice things up.

Instagram is fantastic since it is only available on mobile devices, which can unwittingly get you closer to your mobile customers. Users can instantly edit and upload photos, giving content and images a more “in-the-moment” feel and attracting more people to a particular company.

It is never too late to start promoting your brand on social media.

If you are reading this article let’s start mastering Instagram which you can utilize and apply for a brand to grow.


First of first:

Start by setting up your Instagram profile, check the following to complete your profile.

  1. Instagram DP (it could be your brand logo)
  2. On targeted bio (It should describe your business in a few words)
  3. Website link (it could be your website link or you can create a free link with linktree or canva

Your profile is not completed but we are almost there, Now your next step is to create 3 posts to complete your profile.

Pro Tip: your first post should be the introduction to your business, your goal, and your story.

Now, let’s move forward and start Instagram marketing:

  1. Research and generate proper hashtags for your brand (you can check out this site or contact me for hashtags I provide free appropriate hashtags you will pay no charge at all)
  2. Create branded content (you can look for a designer to create content for you but luckily I can also help you with it, my offerings starts just at $59 check out my social media service
  3. Schedule your post (you can use later they have a free subscription to start)
  4. Build communication with your audiences

Pro Tip: Every 30 minutes before posting on Instagram is the most important time. You need to like comments to your followers to get a better responses from Instagram algorithm to promote your brand. I recommended spending at least 10 hours on Instagram per week to respond, like and comment to be more active with your audiences.

You might not have time to do all these and spend approximately 10 hours per week to brand, I understand and I have got your back. Why not hire one of my team member as an assistant at $45/week?

Getting started is the easiest thing you’ll do today

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I am a website designer and marketing specialist with over 10 years of experience. My favorite part about my work is the creative process, specifically designing something that will convert for my clients so they can stay on top in their industry. I'm always learning new skills to add more value to what I do best: making things look great!

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